Sawadee ka

Sawadee ka

It’s been ages since I had some Thai food, I am sure all of my friends who have just returned from Thailand won’t have the same feeling. But yesterday I was really craving for Thai food, cox I love Thai food and when I am hungry I rather go somewhere tired and tested then go someplace new..

So I went to my good old Sabaidee… So far that place hasn’t let me down personally.. And just love the way that lady welcomes you loudly “Sawadee Ka”.. And you say it back and it just brings a smile on your face..

Well my favorites are:

Starters : The Tom Yum Soup (usually the shrimp) Small or Large depending on the company

Followed by Gai Satay (Grilled Chicken marinated in peanut sauce) I can never seem to have enough of that peanut sauce..

Like I said if you have company, we can try quite a few things : so the next one would be

Talay Phao (Grilled Seafood – but I rather just go for the shrimps, their size is pretty amazing too)

And now on to the main course

Has to be the good old Khao Pad Kratiam (Garlic Fried Rice) accompanied by either Pa Naeng (Red Curry) or Gaeng Khew Wan (Green Curry) in Chicken or Shrimp again..

Do try they Iced tea also, And if at all you are not in the mood for the above just simply order they Noodle Soup, you can choose the type of noodles and the ingredients and it can really fill you up. The only hitch being you might find it a bit salty for your taste buds..

Pom chop kin aharn pet, ka (which means I like to eat hot food, so I like they little burners under the dishes which keep the curry piping hot).

Well – “Kob Khun ka” (Thank you) Saibaadee for the Aroy dee ka (very tasty) lunch, I had no appetite for dinner ..



3 thoughts on “Sawadee ka

  1. glad to go eat thai with you any time. gabriel doesn’t like it but i LOVE the peanut sauce and the green curry chicken …you’re making me hungry!!!

  2. I love Thai food as well. I haven’t heard of this restaurant before but just checked their Facebook page after your review and I am really keen to try. Thank you

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