Happy Easter to Everyone!! I cannot believe it’s been so long since I visited myself over here. Last couple of weeks have been crazy from travelling to live concerts to Spring break and then stressing over my son’s results (Yipeeeee). All in all it’s been a crazy week – of course not to forget the festive season of playing with colours and water fights “Holi” and Easter egg Hunts in the park…  Family Bdays, breakfast mornings, movie nights – a lots of fun and too little time ..

Amongst all this I finally received my Bamboo case for iPhone 5 after about approx. 10 weeks. But it was totally worth the wait and I love it. This is the second time for me to place an order with them and I am so thrilled. Normally it takes lesser time however mine had to be customized hence the delay… They have some very unique designs and all of them are hand made.

Look what i got

love the packing

close up

love it!


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