Finally something to save for

Finally something to save for

A self-contained slice of heaven on earth…
Located in the heart of the yachting paradise of the Exumas in the Central Bahamas, the 38-acre isle is enveloped by aquamarine and turquoise waters. Island buildings and amenities include luxurious manor house with wide verandas offering sweeping views, separate club-style dining and entertainment building with stylish lounge and top-of-the-line fitness center, a charming chapel built of hand cut stone, infinity pool. The property includes a working lighthouse, staff village, mechanical support system buildings, heliport and deep draft docks plus extended dockage for smaller vessels and seaplane.

Link : For Sale – Private Island Paradise

All for just – KD : 20,548,875 – Now where did I put my piggy bank  ? 🙂

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