“Some of us compromise ourselves in every situation and relationship because we unconsciously believe that we must always please others or make others happy in order to be loved, accepted, approved of, attended to, or supported”

Once we have suffered enough and are thus ready to honor and value ourselves without comprising our inner truths for anyone or anything, the universe will always step up to help us on our destined path.

I read the above and could not help sharing it here. Have a great day and Love Yourself first! So will you stop compromising or are you too weak to stop?

3 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. Exactly, the most important thing is to Love Yourself first. Only if you love yourself first, you can love someone else, truly.

    I totally agree with you on the above and but at the same time there are some people who compromise not to get accepted or loved from others, but just that they cannot live with a feeling that someone felt bad because of them. Its like a bad vibe, which they are not comfortable living with.

    For such angels on earth ๐Ÿ˜‰ it is very important to understand, one cannot please everyone and moreover not everyone is meant to be pleased.

    Stand your ground. Do the right thing. Do not be rude. Show humbleness. Do not even become a doormat. Do not take pride in what you have. As what you have today might not be with you tommorow.

    Please yourself first but yes not on the cost of intentionally hurting someone else. Still if someone gets hurt in that process, than he just had to get hurt. So better now than later.

    And to top it all…Always listen to the inner voice…Your Intution.

    Its always there…and it always knows what you really really want ๐Ÿ™‚

    Felt like writing few words upon reading your post…

  2. ” Only if you love yourself first, you can love someone else, truly.”

    This kind of sentimental statement is good for facebook and instagram quotes, but reality is far different – remember after the baby was born and you felt exhausted and worn out but yet you took the time to take care for it, feed it, nurture it, coo to it late into the night?- well at that point of time are you honestly telling yourself that you actually loved yourself ? – I remember just looking into the mirror and not recognizing what I had become and with all my hormonal changes that were nerve racking- No I did not love myself.. and yet I loved my baby more than anything else in this world.

    Compromise is reality, it’s what you do everyday of your life except we choose which of these compromises are acceptable and which not. When you go to the local police station after an accident, you choose at that time to compromise yourself to the situation of living in a country where justice for the expats is on the back burner, when you need to get your child in the Indian school you compromise your integrity by convincing yourself thats its ok to find someone who can get your child in as there are limited seats and not everyone can get in. The meek must get pushed aside for your child.

    But yet when it comes to our personal lives, that is where we decide that there should be no compromises – Why? Simply this is the only place where we know we can get away with it – Try that someplace else in life and you know that you will either be shown the door or just get laughed at.

    Life is about sacrifice, life is about compromise, you suffer and learn to adjust, just when you put on that fake smile when your mother in law comes to visit. We want to value ourselves, and we want to not compromise but in each and every step of our life we inevitably do, and that makes us frustated so here we try to placate ourselves with fancy quotes about living life to its fullest but even in that arenโ€™t we really just compromising facts to make ourselves feel better?

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